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Disco Danny Slot Review

Disco Danny Slot Review

Want to know where the hype is? We have a dance floor for you: Disco Danny’s dance floor. Saturday night fever takes on new meaning in the new slot developed by NetEnt, set in 1970s Las Vegas.

Read on to find out how to play Disco Danny and where to find this online slot playable on any device.

Disco Danny Slot Graphics

Don’t be surprised if, during the game, you find that you can’t stop tapping your foot to the funk beat. Disco Danny’s setting takes us on a trip to the past, more than half a century ago, specifically, to the disco era of the 70s. And because of Danny’s wardrobe, we can assume that we are in a Las Vegas casino, especially in his Elvis version.

Apart from the sound, the colorful background and Danny’s wardrobe, it’s a slot with a simple operation and a classic cut, yet, quite exciting, with a simple background to avoid distractions and focus on what is really important: the symbols of the reel and the rewards that are hidden behind them.

Among the symbols, we can find some classic symbols such as 7 or the word BAR and others specific to this game: the dance skates, the mirror balls and Disco Danny himself.

How to Play Disco Danny Slot

As mentioned before, Disco Danny is a simple slot: starting with the roller, in which we find 3 x 3 symbols and 5 possible combinations: 1 for each row and 2 diagonally in both directions. And to make the games even easier, the combinations consist of joining 3 equal symbols in the same line. And, unlike other NetEnt slots, there are no Wild symbols here.

The lowest rewards are on BAR symbols in any of its 3 versions (a BAR alone, doubled or tripled). But if you match 3 of the same BAR symbols on a line, the payout is higher than if they are different.

Then we find the symbols for the number 7, the skates, and Danny in 2 different versions. Danny’s head with the blue-violet clothes will multiply the bet by 10 when it coincides 3 times on the same line. But Danny in the Elvis version (here’s the good thing!) will multiply your bet by 100, and without the need for them to be online, it will be enough for him to appear 3 times in the entire reel wearing his white collar and golden glasses.

Lastly, we have the silver and gold mirror balls. When a gold disco ball appears, it will randomly multiply your bet by 10 or 20. But if you match 3 mirror balls of any color, you will enter the most interesting functionality in terms of rewards: Free Spins.

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