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Everything You Need to Know About Casino Slots

Everything You Need to Know About Casino Slots


It?s difficult to deny the fact that slots are, one, easy for beginners to play; and two, players love them. It may not be the most crowded spot in casinos, but slots take up more than half of the games in casinos. Especially online, the first thing players would see when they visit an online casino would undoubtedly be slots, slots and more slots.

As easy it is for beginners to pick up, there are a few things players should know about this popular and enjoyable game.

RTP Rates

RTP, or return to player, signifies the amount of money wagered that will be returned to players after an extended period of time. Slots usually have an RTP rate of around 90 to 97%. In rare cases, some may even go higher than 97%. This does not ensure that players will receive 97% of what they?ve wagered with the slot machines, but rather an equal distribution among all the players.

Since slot machines use a random number generator to generate combinations, it is difficult to estimate whether a player will regain at least 97% of what they?ve wagered.

It?s important for players to keep in mind that when you win, someone else loses, and vice versa. This applies to both the slots online and in landed casinos. However, if you prefer to try out the games before investing, casinos do offer free slot machine games without downloading or registration as well. Players can do this by using the ?free money? option.


The traditional fruit machine features only one payline and three reels. These are still one of the main attractions in casinos, despite the variety of newer slots widely available in casinos now. To land a winning combination, players only need to make sure that the matching symbols are aligned according to the payline.

Modern day slots have around 1 to 50 paylines, some may even go over 50, depending on either the theme of the game or the type of slots. You may even come across the ?243 ways to win? or ?1024 ways to win? format, commonly known as multi-payline slots. The only distinctive difference from the normal 1 to 50 paylines slots is that matching symbols do not need to appear in a specific payline to pay out, as appearing anywhere on the reels is sufficient to win.

Common Bonuses

Different games work differently but one of the most common bonuses you?d find in slots would be free spins. After the free spins mode ends, players will have to resume wagering their money for the rest of the spins until you receive more free spins.

Online slots however, have a variety of bonuses on top of free spins. The most common ones are the wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol (depending on the game, may be represented by different symbols), is able to replace all the symbols except the scatter symbol to create winning paylines. Scatter symbols, on the other hand, will help players to activate either the free spins mode or a bonus game. Similarly, the function of this symbol may vary from slot to slot to accommodate the theme or storyline of the game.

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