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How Football Betting Works in the UK

How Football Betting Works in the UK

In the world of football betting a bookmaker sets the odds, which represent the rate between the stake and the winnings on a given outcome, if you want to bet on it. They usually appear as fractions (for example, 2/1), but they can also appear as decimals (2.00), and you may choose which you prefer. For example, if the outcome of an event has odds of 2/1 (or 2.00), it indicates that for every £1 you wager, you will win £2.

Football is undoubtedly the most famous sport to bet on in the United Kingdom. Football betting accounts for 40% of all money placed on bets. Read on for more.

The most common types of bets

Every week, bookmakers offer a wide range of odds for dozens of football matches and markets. A variety of bookies will offer a vast selection of unique deals and competitive odds in order to provide you with the greatest bet possible. In return, you will be paid back your initial stake plus the winnings from the odds after the event’s outcome is confirmed and your bet is a winner.

To make things clearer, we will go over the most common types of football bets in the following sections. If you would like to understand more about betting and gaming, we recommend reading some of the UK Governments betting statistics for around 7 different gambling regimes.

Match bet

This is probably recognized as one of the most traditional betting methods today. The aim is to simply forecast the final result, whether it be a home victory, an away victory or a draw. However, a draw implies both teams ending with the same score after 90 minutes. Furthermore, if the match should go into extra time or even penalties this is irrelevant.

Bet builder

Bet builders is a newer feature to football betting. In short, it is a set of results from a single contest rather than multiple matches.

If you know both sides and want to put small-stake bets at higher odds, you can always opt for bet builders. Instead of betting on every individual market, you may combine multiple outcomes, such as the amount of yellow and red cards, corners, and goal scorers in one bet.

Antepost Football Betting

An Antepost football bet is a bet that is put forward or placed with a Bookmaker before the football game has commenced.  It is also used to describe placing football league bets, such as who will win the associated league or who will get relegated.  There are some useful learning resources available online with the likes of who provide Premier League Antepost football betting tips and guides.

Goal scorer betting

This is a wager on a certain player scoring during a match, as the name implies. You can wager on a variety of outcomes, such as becoming the first or last goal scorer in the contest, or scoring at any point during the game. Because there is a bigger chance of them scoring at any point, the odds of them scoring will be fewer. Such bets can be profitable if a specific player is in good form or if a team is clearly superior to the other, making it more probable that a player will score.


You can wager on the first half?s and/or second half?s outcome. For one or both halves, you can wager on the home team, the away team, or the draw. This bet is for more experienced football fans who already know whether teams start and finish games strong or weak. Understanding the team sheets and whether key players are out due to injury or rest can also help you win this type of wager.

Double chance bets

To boost your chances of winning, you can wager on two of the match’s three outcomes. The pairings are as follows:

  • Home team or Draw
  • Away team or Draw

Which team is better, the home or away team?

You will be paid out if either of your combos wins. Because there is a greater possibility of victory than betting on a single match result, the odds are lower, but this bet is beneficial for gamblers who wish to limit risk.  In America this type of betting is extremely popular on games from the NFL Leagues as well as the MLB, NBA and other home grown US sports.  There are companies that offer insider tips for this type of betting, such as and

Betting accumulators

Accumulators are one of the most popular types of football betting. In short, they aggregate several selections into a single wager. This is because they have the potential to reward tiny initial investments with large returns. As a result, the gains from each pick are used to fund the next one. However, the obvious danger is that the player must win all of his bets in order to earn a payout.

For instance, you may choose four teams that you believe will win matches and are all priced at equal money. If you stake £1 on each of the 4 teams to win in four single bets, your payout ratio would be £8. That is £2 for each winning bet, plus your initial stake money.

However, if you bet £1 on all 4 teams succeeding at even money, the £2 from Team A winning would be successfully positioned on Team B. That would double the return to £4. Consequently, this would be repeated for Teams C and D, bringing the total return to £16.

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