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Types of Motorcycles: From Modern to Classics

Types of Motorcycles: From Modern to Classics


The world of motorcycles is full of options for all tastes. From modern to classic motorcycles, there are production models and modifications that are somewhere between one type and another. They can even mix several typologies to achieve an especially rare and exotic hybrid.

Let’s have a look at some of the main types of them, so that you know how to differentiate them well.



For some bikers, scooters shouldn’t be on this list. However, although neither the riding position nor the way of riding are the same, it is usually the type of motorcycle that many start with in the motorcycle world. The main reason is because of very low powers and displacements, which places them within the category of mopeds. The second reason is perhaps because they are the most comfortable and easy to handle.

In addition to this, they are the only ones where you do not have to straddle. There are seats for a single person or with enough seating for two.


Super sport

The super sports are the most powerful and performance motorcycle types. They are intended for running, but not just running, because they have very little low-speed maneuverability.

They are characterized by having a riding position in which the pilot must lean forward. They are not very comfortable for long road trips. Its handling is one of the most difficult of all types of motorcycles. Therefore, it requires practice with models of lower capacities before taking control.

The powers that these motorcycles reach are usually at the top of the table, with displacements ranging from 600 cc to more than 1,200 cc. Although from 1,000 cc they are usually called superbikes and usually have brakes and other higher performance components.

You can go at high speeds with them. That is why they are completely fair and have very careful aerodynamics. The sportiest ones are even designed more for the circuit than for the highway. Because, in addition to having very high powers, they have a setting more similar to the competition that requires the smoothest possible terrain to work properly.


Cruiser motorcycles

They are big and powerful, but they are not designed for running. Like the previous ones, they have little maneuverability, so they are not a good option for city or twisty roads. These motorcycles are designed to travel comfortably on the highway. That is why they are manufactured to have the most comfortable driving position possible and have careful aerodynamics with a lot of fairing.

In addition to this, cruisers have space for two people and many times the passenger has a somewhat higher seat, so as not to have to spend hundreds of kilometers looking at the rider’s helmet.


Gran turismo

Like cruisers, gran turismo are one of the types of motorcycles made for long trips. That is why they have the same virtues and disadvantages as those, only maximized as reasonably possible. They are even bulkier, heavier and more comfortable, and therefore have even less maneuverability.

They also have a lot of protection against the wind because the gran turismo are designed to go fast. In addition, they usually have very complete equipment designed for comfort. For example, they can reverse, to facilitate handling due to their heavy weight, stereo or integrated GPS. In short, practically the same as a car.

Yet, if this or that accessories or features is missed, you can always use external devices, such as motorcycle intercom systems to make your short or long riding trips much more comfortable and safer.

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