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American Blackjack Rules and How to Play It

American Blackjack Rules and How to Play It

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. There are lots of versions of this game available for your choice.

One of the most widespread types of this card game is American Blackjack. However, some online casinos don’t call American Blackjack tables “American Blackjack.” 

This card game may be called Atlantic City Blackjack or Vegas Strip/Vegas Single Hand Blackjack.

So, what’s the distinction between the American and other Blackjack types? Is it worth playing? Let’s find out together!

American Blackjack vs. European Blackjack

The most significant distinction in American Blackjack rules and other variations is how cards are dealt out to dealers.

When playing European Blackjack, the dealer has only one deck, and the 2nd card is dealt after the players have made their moves.

On the other hand, when playing the American version of this game, the dealer receives both cards immediately, one face-up card and the other the face down.

However, it’s a small aspect to think about when playing Blackjack. It is possible not even to be aware of the deal unless you focus on it. It’s the factor in the house edge as well as the rules.

How to Play American Blackjack

One thing that isn’t changed very much in Blackjack types is the fundamental rules.

The game begins by making your bets. As with all table games, the bets generally start with a minimum of $1.

You and the dealer receive the same amount of cards.

You can see your hand and its worth. Additionally, you can see one of the dealer’s decks. Based on this, you have to decide what to do next:

Vur: To request another card. The total bet remains the same in this case.

Dur: It’s when you play the current hand without asking for additional cards. Also, in this case, the bet total stays the same.

Double Down: In this case, you ask for one more but the last card. The bet amount is multiplied by 2.

Split Splits the same value cards into two hands. The amount of the bet is doubled.

Teslim ol: It’s when you give it up without waiting to see what happens in the game. The amount bet is reduced to 0.5 of the initial wager.

Blackjack game can have three different outcomes:

When your hand beats the dealer’s, you win.

When the dealer’s hands beat you, you lose.

Finally, it’s a push when you and the dealer have the same value hand. In this scenario, you could be able to get your money back or lose it (specific tables could have different rules regarding the push).


American Blackjack is a new entertainment. It came out on the iGaming market in 2018. American Blackjack works with an RTP of 97.68% and has a wide range of bets from $1 to $100. The game is based on the traditional Blackjack card game rules.

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