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Different Ways to Bet on Dogs

Different Ways to Bet on Dogs

When you bet on betdogs, it is a good idea to bet on the exacta and trifecta races. However, you shouldn’t make every bet. Instead, you should limit yourself to two or three races on a day. If it is too difficult to make picks, you can limit yourself to five picks per race.

Exacta bets

Exacta bets are a popular type of bet for horse races. They involve picking two horses to finish first and second in a particular race. The bet costs R1 per combination, and the more horses you bet on, the more likely you are to win. The only catch is that your horse must finish in a specific order in order to win.

When placing an exacta bet, you should pay close attention to the tote board. This will indicate the probable payouts of exacta bets, as well as the payouts of other combinations and overlays. Most racebooks pay out exactas in increments of $2, so a $2 exacta box containing one horse and two horses would be worth $4. If a horse finishes in any other position, the ticket becomes worthless.

Daily Double bets

A daily double bet is similar to an accumulator, except that it includes a number of different wager types. For example, a player may place a daily double wager on two consecutive races that include horses. The odds for winning these bets are determined by the number of selections in the first race and the number of selections in the second race. This bet is typically a more challenging one, and it requires the bettor to make a correct selection in each race.

Daily Double bets for bet dogs can pay out large amounts when the horses win both legs of a race. To make a double wager, multiply the number of horses in the first race by the number in the second, and then multiply the answer by the amount of money bet on the second leg. Daily double payouts tend to be smaller than other exotic bets, but they can be significant if longshots win.

Reverse Forecast bets

Reverse forecast bets are variations of straight and trifecta wagers. The main difference is that the latter bet doesn’t care which dogs place first or second in the race. Instead, the bettor must correctly predict the first three finishers. The most famous of these races is the Greyhound Derby.

There are some situations in which reverse forecast bets by bet dogs make good sense. If the favourite fails to meet expectations, the reverse forecast can be a wise choice. Opposing favourites are also profitable, because they can create value further down the betting lines.

False favorites

When betting on dogs, it’s important to know the difference between a favorite and a false favorite. A favorite is a dog that is expected to win, while a false favorite is a dog that is favored by the bookmakers but may not be in form. The reason why you should avoid betting on a false favorite is that these dogs often drift down the odds list as the race draws nearer.

A good example of a false favorite is an underdog. Most people bet on favorites because they expect a positive outcome. However, it’s also possible to bet on a dog and make a profit by placing a bet on an underdog.

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