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メガムーラ スロット シンボルとテクニカル特性

メガムーラ スロット シンボルとテクニカル特性


Being one of the most advanced game producer, Microgaming has created several hundred slots and simulators. Although they have various plots and options, there is one thing in common ? permanently excellent quality of games. Only 5% of slots are somewhat different from the majority of simulators present ? they feature progressive jackpot. メガムーラ スロット machine is one of them. This is the most popular, bright and impressive video slot you?ve ever seen.


  • ペイライン25
  • リール:5個
  • ソフトウェアアレイ
  • RTP: 89%
  • 1ラインあたりのコイン数:1~5枚
  • TOPシンボル(コイン)。152
  • 最大獲得枚数(コイン)。2000
  • バラツキがある。中程度
  • オートプレイ: いいえ
  • コインの範囲$0.01-$0.25
  • フリースピンあり
  • ワイルドシンボルあり
  • スキャッターあり
  • ボーナスゲーム。あり
  • マルチプライヤ。あり


The vast majority of slots with progressive jackpot are classic fruit machines with a few game lines and standard symbols: Seven, Cherry and Bar. However, in this slot, you see something new: this is your chance to launch out to real African safari and get exclusive trophies. Did you know that the most valuable kill are elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo? This is so-called ?Big 5? ? the most dangerous and hard-to-prey animals. A hunter who has manages to kill each of this animals is said to get the Grand Slam. Want to be the next conqueror of African prairies? Put on your hunter uniform, jump into the car and hit the gas pedal. Mega Moolah slot game will emerge you into the atmosphere of African nature while keeping up suspension and gambling spirit.



  • Spin ? starts spinning the reels.
  • Bet max ? make the maximum bet.
  • Select lines ? activate game lines.
  • Select coins ? puts coins on a line.
  • コインの価値を定義できる「+/-」。
  • Win ? winning per spin.
  • Coins ? shows your account balance.
  • View Pays ? shows a payment table with winnings and general rules of the slot.

Generally, Mega Moolah online slot features traditional interface ? all buttons are located where they should be, so it won?t take much time for you to understand how everything works.


Mega Moolahのインターフェースは、アフリカにいるような気分にさせるように作られています。アフリカの緑の草原やエキゾチックな植物を目にし、獲物が誰であるかを思い出させる壮大なサウンドを聞くことができます。野生の世界へ飛び出しましょう!

A comprehensive control panel won?t disturb you from playing ? simply enjoy the game and its characters. If needed, you can deactivate sound effects and specify settings in Settings menu.


Mega Moolahスロットをプレイするためには、その基本的な機能とオプションを知る必要があります。

  • The number of reels ? 5.
  • 25本のゲームライン
  • Value of one coin ? from $0.01 to $0.25.
  • Coins per line ? 1-5.
  • Range of bet value ? from $0.01 to $125.
  • Maximum winning ? x2000.

Mega Moolah video slot also features Wild symbol, Scatter symbol, bonus spins, bonus game and progressive jackpot (Mini, Minor, Major and Mega jackpots). RTP ? up to 88.12%.



Safari requires a responsible approach, but you can always distract and play cards ? symbols of cards with suits from Ten to Ace will bring you winning 2-150 bets.

The most widespread symbols are: antelope, zebra, giraffe, buffalo and elephant are looking quite friendly, so we won?t hunt them. Let them form a line and bring you from 4 to 750 bets. Elephant and Buffalo symbols give players winning from 2 symbols per line.

Lion ? the king of the jungle ? also brings winning starting from two elements, adding up to your winning by 15, 125, 1500 and 15 000 bets. Besides, Lion is a Wild symbol which means that all elements except Scatter double winnings.

モンキーはスキャッターシンボルです。このシンボルは2、3、20または100ベットを与え、x3マルチプライヤーの15フリースピンを起動させます。Mega Moolahスロットのフリースピンを獲得するには、フィールド上に少なくとも3匹のモンキーを配置する必要があります。

To play the demo version of Mega Moolah slot, no deposit is required. But imagine your regret, if you eventually win the jackpot during free play. Mega Moolah slot free play is recommended to be used for beginners: they will have time to understand what is what, learn the rules and figure out winning strategies. You don?t have to waste money to try the demo version, registration is not required, as well.


Bonus game in Mega Moolah looks like a Fortune?s wheel and activates randomly. 矢印が止まった区間によって、4つのプログレッシブジャックポットのいずれかを獲得することができます。

  • ミニジャックポットは$10よりスタートします。
  • マイナージャックポットは$100からです。
  • 大当たりは$10000から。
  • メガジャックポットは$1Mnから。



Even without progressive jackpot this video slot would be quite interesting, because it has interesting Wild symbols with x2 multiplier. Free Spins with tripled winnings make this slot special ? not every simulator has this feature. However, progressive jackpot is definitely the brightest feature of Mega Moolah, and you should also use it.

You have the chance to get your Grand Slam by getting all four progressive jackpots of this video slot. Mega Moolah is a perfect choice for those who are confident in their luck, and want to get heavy money. Both starters and amateurs are guaranteed to like this slot. From one point of view, it features a classic and comprehensible interface. From another ? the range of features and options is different from traditional, so advanced players will discover something new and interesting for them. Explore safari prairies and get your collection of wild animals with the Mega Moolah video slot!