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Online Slot Holmes and the Stolen Stones

Online Slot Holmes and the Stolen Stones

Info: This Holmes & the Stolen Stones slot review describes one of the best detective online slot machines on the market. This game is centered on the world’s detective classics, Conan Doyle’s stories about the exceptionally gifted Sherlock Holmes and his unfailing friend Doctor Watson. Through meticulous yet amazingly interesting investigations, this duet has solved a plethora of most complex cases and now you can also participate in their activities. Let the famous method of deduction leave no chance to criminals.


  • Paylines: 20
  • Reels: 5
  • RTP: 96.6%
  • Coins per line: 1-10
  • TOP symbol (coins): 200
  • Max. win (coins): 4000
  • Variability: Medium
  • AutoPlay: Yes
  • Coins Range: $0.01 – $2
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Wild symbol: No
  • Scatter: Yes
  • Bonus game: Yes
  • Multiplier: No

What the slot has prepared for us

In terms of appearance, Holmes and the Stolen Stones is a very sophisticated machine. Spectacular animations, crystal-clear graphics and vibrant colors ― that’s what a novice player notices at the first glance. Even the logo of this game resembles a sign on some old English house; the designers took every little detail into account and honed it to perfection. Every part of the Holmes & the Stolen Stones online slot serves to emphasize the unrivalled atmosphere of an important investigation. Game characters are immensely charismatic. Holmes is depicted in his classical appearance known to millions of people all over the globe, in a checked cap and with a traditional pipe. The Watson’s look reveals intelligence. The developers of the machine managed to render the personality of the characters exceptionally well.

Symbols on cards are far from traditional. While many users are accustomed to play with card ranks, Holmes & the Stolen Stones video slot features card suits as symbols. Another distinctive visual feature is sparkling gemstones. They are also depicted on the cards. Gems are stored at the bottom of the screen ― that’s where they get accumulated while you play the Holmes & the Stolen Stones slot. There are digits nearby ― they indicate the sum of the jackpot which the player will receive if the cells get filled with matching gems.

Otherwise, the interface is traditional, albeit very laconic. The central part is occupied with buttons to start spinning. Nearby is the button to set the value of coins, and all the options can be configured through the controls on the left. Also there’s a window which shows your bet and sum of your prize.

Gameplay description

The Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot game is a five-reel machine with the default of twenty active lines. Every line requires one coin to launch. That is why the amount of stakes is governed by the value of coins: you can set it from 0.01 to 2.00. This wide range allows users of varying financial dispositions play the game with equal pleasure: just make a minimal bet or raise it to the maximum of 40 credits.

The gaming process is in fact divided into two parts. Firstly, coefficient-modified winnings are dispensed when the player has a continuous line of 3-5 similar symbols. Secondly, while doing it, the player hunts for gems: upon showing up they get collected. These gem windows filled with five identical stones will yield a jackpot of the size depicted above the reels. Except for the basic gameplay, Holmes & the Stolen Stones slot offers 10 free spins after three-five scatters on the screen. Free play is richer in gems, so the designated jackpot cells can be filled faster. Once the bonus period is over, gemstones remain for the normal game. What is more, there’s a 3X multiplier on free spins.

But the fun doesn’t stop here. Apart from free play, Holmes & the Stolen Stones slot features a bonus level activated with three-five special symbols. This level lets the player pick several chests out of 18 variants available on the screen. There you can find a bag stuffed with banknotes ― it will increase the prize. Also it’s possible to come across some jackpot stones. There’s a downside, however, one of the chests hides a bomb, which will shut down the bonus cycle.

Every combination of four-five special symbols yields an additional payment of 1000 and 10,000 coins respectively. Naturally, to read the detailed description of the machine’s features, you can enter the info section by pressing I.


The Holmes and the Stolen Stones video slot includes a fine combination of multiple advantages. The machine is exceptionally well-designed in terms of graphics, animation and music. The functions are also interesting to explore: not every slot offers so many opportunities to win. The Holmes & the Stolen Stones requires no deposit for bonus spins; you can get a matching combination of symbols and of stones. Bonus levels, free spins and jackpot are maximizing your chances to achieve victory over the criminal world. Try out this new fascinating slot machine to experience its strong sides and extremely user-friendly environment by yourself.

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