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Sports Betting Tips You Should Know

Sports Betting Tips You Should Know

Whatever fields you engage, there always exit common tips that people take advantage at a high frequency. These useful tips help you to raise winning percentage. Especially, sports betting is a form which depends much on luckiness. Master these general tips in this section, you can be favorably confident to go ahead sports betting world.

Reduced Juice Sports Betting

People often wonder why they can’t earn as much money as their friend although he is a real amateur guy in this betting world, he is acquainted with this sport later than you. The problem comes from your money management, why you have to lay -110 instead of -105 or -107. Reduced juice betting is one of the most powerful tools to help you make money regardless of whichever team you bet.

At present, some respected online sportsbooks offer reduced juice every day. If you understand the basics of money management, if you are living on sports betting, if you have a plan to live on sports betting, this is the right tip you are looking for.

Units Won Betting

Units won is the amount of money a group of plays won or lost after factoring in juice.  It is an important element to evaluate a betting system, to compare a group of plays regardless of a player’s bankroll. We use the following formula to calculate units won (in which, x = odds)

– if x > 0 => Units won = x/100
– if x < 0 => Units won = -100/x

Using this tips, you can spread out potential risk and turn it into profit. It is similar to building a diverse portfolio in the stock market. This approach requires bettors to be steadfast with their betting amounts, recommended 2% of your starting bankroll for each wager.

Choosing the Right Sportsbooks

There is a variety of sportsbooks for you to consider before laying your trust. You can also possess many accounts in many sportsbooks so that you can choose and use the best odds for your wager. There are into 3 main types: Sharp line sportsbooks, Loose line sportsbooks and Depositing Bonus Sportsbooks.

Sharp line sportsbooks are always obvious and transparent. It means that they will originate their own line or be one of the first to publish their number for wagering. These sportsbooks are often chosen by sharp bettors, wiseguys, or smart players. They know how to catch the winning chance in order to maximize their earning without following the public money.

Loose line sportsbooks are populous and easy-to-meet in the sports betting industry. They will be built based on the public action, the public expectation, in other words, its background comes from psychology of players. They will use some bad tricks to shade the betting lines with the aim to protect themselves from getting pounded by sharp plays. Besides, sportsbooks could be considered loose if they publish different numbers, it would make bettor dizzy and not to know what the “true” number is for a game.

Depositing Bonus Sportsbooks are not the cultivated land for sharp, smart players. They usually will have lower limits and will possibly kick a bettor out whenever they smell a “professional” player. Bonus sportsbooks will do their utmost to attract new accounts from new bettors by offering some special offer (a solid bonus or loyalty program …). Just take a look at incentive programs of a bonus sportsbooks.

Actually, choosing a suitable and trustworthy sportsbooks is much important than you think. It is the first step before deciding which odds you should lay.

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