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Top 3 Live Casino Games in Canada

Top 3 Live Casino Games in Canada


Live casino games are the foundation of any brand dedicated to iGaming. The quality and variety of casino different games is important for both tabletop gaming and mobile online live casinos in Canada.

Live online casino games, both free and with real money, are characterized by using, for the most part, tables and automatic machines that work from an RNG or random generator. This is the most important part of their software, because it is what makes them true games of chance, by making their results impossible to predict or manipulate.

In addition, all online games have a calculated percentage of RTP or theoretical return to the player, which tells you how much you will lose on average in a game session. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 96%, it means that when you finish the game your losses will be 4% of the total bet.

These two components work together to shield the security of these games; They are not trying to cheat you with impossible winnings, and they guarantee that the results will be just a matter of luck. Let’s take a look at some of the best real money live casino games in Canada, all licensed and legally regulated.



No need to introduce this game as it’s as famous as James Bond: easy to learn, difficult to master. If you have good intuition and you know the basic strategies, live games like live blackjack games have a high chance of winning, thanks to their RTP usually hovering around, and even exceeding, 99%.

Currently, casinos in Canada compete to offer the widest possible variety of games, and also complete them with side bet options to make the game more exciting.

Blackjack tables are offered in limits of three types: classic, pro or high roller, which you select before you start playing, in single-handed or multi-hand and multiplayer versions. These include live chat and access to viewers who can watch the game while they wait for a seat to become vacant. Exactly the same as in a traditional casino.

Check out one of the best online casinos to play Blackjack and other live casino games in Canada.



Roulette is a classic game in the most literal sense: it is older than the French Revolution itself. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is strictly a game of luck, and although the number of ways to bet is enormous, everything revolves around the next number that the ball will land on. It’s that simple and exciting!

The automated and live roulette tables that you can currently enjoy at Canadian online casino include all variants of the game, each with its own betting options and limits. There are French, American and European roulette, and even mini-roulettes with only 13 numbers.

They are played 24 hours a day, with simple lots and full bets, at tables that allow you to see the ball history and updated statistics at a glance.

There is literally something for everyone, including fastball, and even multiplayer auto-roulette, with live chat. Some platforms even allow you to play at several tables simultaneously. Yes, it’s the ultimate!


Poker, Baccarat and other table games

Compared to traditional online casino games, these are new games, but they can already be enjoyed in the best online casinos in Canada. Another automatic game that has become popular in recent years is video poker and bingo, which in some casinos even has its own section. There are also numerous online bingo pages dedicated exclusively to this game.

Live poker is one of the most popular online casino games to win money in Canada. In fact, there are casino pages exclusively dedicated to him, or casinos that have opened their own subsidiary, at the same level as, for example, an operator’s bookmaker.

Baccarat is a very entertaining card game that is on the rise in popularity. It shares some similarities with Blackjack. The objective of the game is to get a score as close to 9. The dynamics are quite easy to learn, and only a few rules and the value of the cards will need to be memorized. Currently, live baccarat can be found in the best online casinos in Canada, offering different varieties.


How to choose the best online game for you

The best free and paid, live dealer games don’t have to be the most popular – if you haven’t tried your luck with online casino gaming yet, the best way to make up your mind is to think about the style of play you are looking for.

Ask yourself if you want to entertain yourself without thinking too much, or on the contrary, what really makes you disconnect are strategy games. Do you prefer to play alone or would you like to take the opportunity to meet new people while you play? Then consider best online casino sites to choose the one that will fit your needs most.

With the growth of online casinos, along with sports betting, many online casinos and online gambling sites allow you to try their games without even registering and this is a great way to familiarize yourself with their rules and mechanics without risking losing money. Lots of them even offer generous welcome bonuses, different deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, etc. to play live casino games and live dealer games. To play games in casinos with FIAT you can deposit through PayPal, Bitcoin, a VISA, Mastercard or lots of other payment methods.

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