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3 Unmissable Tricks that Can Make You Win at Roulette

3 Unmissable Tricks that Can Make You Win at Roulette


Do you find it difficult to play and win at casino roulette? Do not worry! We have put together a series of tricks and shortcuts that can lead you on the path to glory, as long as you consider these tricks and have a little luck.

Numbers, colors, combinations and a lot, a lot of math. Are you ready? Keep in mind that the process is not easy, it is full of variants that will make you travel towards ecstasy, make you nervous.

1. Sooner or later, it will pass: The Martingale Trick

A classic in the history of roulette. What does it consist of? Very easy. You must arm yourself with great patience to side with statistics. Fill your wallet with the maximum amount of money you want to spend. The process is very simple: you must double your lost bets until you hit the mark. Sooner or later, it will pass. What no one can assure you is how quickly you can win.

2. James Bond betting system

Bond’s trick is based on placing 140 euros in the highest numbers (19-36). Then bet 50 euros on the six digits from 13 to 18 and with the remaining amount (10 euros) play it at 0.

Following the logic of this multiple bet, your portfolio would only be affected if the figure that comes out is between boxes 1 and 12. Be careful because if you win, your winnings would be distributed as follows: 80 euros if the ball is between 19 and 36; 100 euros if it falls on your other bet (13-18) and 160 euros if the 0 comes out.

3. Fibonacci sequence

Each system has its admirers and also detractors. Basically, the faithful to these styles are those who, in a very short time, succeeded with their bets when they adopted a certain strategy.

The Fibonacci system lies in betting by adding the two previous bets to reach the amount to bet on the next one. Experts believe that this tactic should be used in only emergency situations, since, by statistics and experience, you lose more times than you win, but when you win! … This is the sequence: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377,…

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