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Leonardo: “It is always difficult to retain the best players.”

Leonardo: “It is always difficult to retain the best players, but the idea is to renew Neymar and Mbappé”

PSG has entrusted Leonardo, its sports director, with the difficult mission of renewing the contracts of Mbappé and Neymar, its two great stars. The Brazilian was asked by Internet users about the situation of these two players in a live broadcast on PSG’s Facebook. “We have started to talk with everyone, there is a timing but at the moment there is difficulty even traveling,” he said about the conversations with Neymar, to add: “But we are working on it, the idea of ​​renewing Neymar exists, we are at the beginning, Mabppé, Di María, Bernat, Draxler … We have started a long time but little by little we will have clearer ideas in all cases.”

Leonardo was asked about Mbappe’s situation and the fact that they have spoken for three years that he has been going to Madrid and it never happens: “The communication game exists. Let us never forget that in Spanish teams there are a lot of politics, promises, things that are said … There is an owner at PSG, so it is different from Spanish clubs, and there are no political intentions. We rely on the direct relationship with Kylian, on the contacts with our players to meet the truth. They are not promises. In any case, whether or not everything that is said is true is not in our hands. But the truth is that PSG, it is a bit strange to say this, but in the next five years we will continue with this trend. We have had worse years, but I think the future is going to be better. We have young people, people who have been around for many years, we have Neymar and Mbappé who are among the top three now. Because Messi and Ronaldo are going to be dating for a matter of age. We are going to try, retain both, it is difficult to retain the best in the world. There are many things around, inside, but that’s the idea, to stay with them.”

“Internally, we never thought about changing coaches. We never called anyone. The club has never put another coach on the table to replace Tuchel. This is the time to focus on our goals, be together, discuss things. We have many concerns. , injuries, international matches, defeats in the Champions League. The important thing is the matches until Christmas, in the Champions League and in the Championship, “said the sports director.

“Today in football we do not know what will happen. Maybe tomorrow Cristiano Ronaldo will wake up and say that I want to go play elsewhere. Who can buy it? It is a closed circle. PSG enters this circle. It is generally about opportunities, situations, “concluded the Brazilian.

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