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Tips for Playing Crazy Time Casino Game

Tips for Playing Crazy Time Casino Game

Crazy Time was launched by Evolution Gaming, which specializes in game show-style games.

This game is quite popular, as it is fast-paced and full of entertainment. It is a live game packed with action, betting possibilities and a large number of possible multipliers.

In this game, not a lot depends on you, as the outcome of each round depends on where the wheel stops. However, you still can boost your chances of winning with some simple tips.

Crazy Time Casino

Learn the Rules of Bonus Games

When you end up switching between various bonus games, you may be a little confused. That’s why it’s important to know the rules of the games to feel in control while playing them.

The formats of bonus games are different, despite the fact that the goal is always to trigger the most profitable multiplier. Being familiar with the rules will help you hit the ground running rather than spend time to adjust to the gameplay.

Choose a Strategy

Although some casino games are more games of chance rather than games of skill, such as poker or blackjack, it’s still required to have a clear game plan, which will make your experience more enjoyable.

Some of the most popular examples of gambling strategies are the Martingale strategy, the low-volatility strategy and the probabilistic strategy.

The Martingale strategy works this way: you bet on all 4 bonus games with your initial bet and keep doubling your bet till the bonus game is hit and you take your winnings. Based on the stats, a bonus game appears about every 6 rounds.

The Probabilistic strategy requires probability calculations that allow you to see a certain tendency based on the last 60 rounds’ results. In case you reveal fields that need less than 6 rounds to be hit again, it’s worth betting on these fields.

In Low-volatility strategy, you need to spread your bets over as many areas of the Crazy Time wheel as possible. This way you will cover a lot of parts of the playing fields and your chance of winning one of these fields will be quite high.

Know When to Quit

The golden rule of any gambling game is to quit while you’re ahead. The Crazy Time casino game is designed to make you feel caught up in the action. However, you should quit when the time comes and not let the game distract you.

Set a time limit before starting to play, and make certain that you stick to it. This simple step will help you avoid losing the time track. It’ll also ensure your Crazy Time fun experience and help you to keep it in control.

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