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Best Betting Strategies for Crazy Time Live Dealer Game

Best Betting Strategies for Crazy Time Live Dealer Game

Crazy Time is a brand new live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. It’s all about the multicolored wheel of fortune.

In this game, the classic concept is mixed with different stunning bonus rounds and highly profitable winning options, which is ideal not only for beginners, but also for skilled players.

In short, Crazy Time is an exciting and attractive live casino game, set in a spectacular studio, with friendly live dealers and four main bonus games that can take you to real richness.

In addition, with various strategies you can get the best out of Crazy Time live dealer game. So, let’s have a look at some of them.

Martingale Strategy

Having been used in classic roulette for several centuries, Martingale strategy can also be used when playing the Crazy Time. If you plan to play with this strategy, you need a specific budget to cover possible losses.

Martingale strategy is the following: you set an initial bet on all 4 bonus fields. Let’s say your initial bet is $1, then your total bet amount will be $4 on the 1st round. If your fields are not hit, you need to double your bet in the next round and the total bet amount will become $8 in the 2nd round.

When you get a hit, you’ll play the bonus round and take your winnings. After that, you can start again by placing your initial bet.

Statistics show that a bonus field appears about every 6 rounds in Crazy Time.

Probabilistic Strategy

This strategy is for the ones who want to test themselves against the machines. In accordance with the probability calculations of the last 60 rounds’ results, you can see a specific tendency.

If you reveal fields that need less than 6 rounds to be hit again, it’s worth betting on them. But take into account that this strategy requires patience. For example, if the bonus fields take more than 6 rounds to get hit, be patient. In this case, you should start betting on the bonus fields after a few rounds.

Low-volatility Strategy

When it comes to this strategy, you just need to bet on as many areas of the Crazy Time wheel as possible.

Let’s say you have a budget of $100, it’s wise to bet $10 per round. You can bet these on five of the eight possible options. For instance, you bet $2.5 on the number “2” (there are 13 number “2”s on the wheel), another $2.5 bet on the number “5” (7 number “5”s on the wheel). The last $5 you bet on 3 of the 4 bonus fields.

This way, you will cover 50% of the playing fields and you’ll have high chances of winning one of these fields.

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