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Natural Sports Products Guide

Natural Sports Products Guide

Sports products are widely present in sports centers, gyms, competitions, special stores, etc. But does it worth using different sports products? In this article, we are going to define in which cases it is important to use them and when it is not.

When to Start Using Natural Sports Products?

It’s important to remember that the basis for the body to obtain the necessary macronutrients and micronutrients is a healthy and sufficient diet that meets the requirements and needs of each person. The key to obtaining sports results, such as gaining muscle mass, lies in quality training, a good sports diet, and sufficient and restorative rest (hours of sleep).

The usage of supplementation depends on the type of physical exercise or sport you practice. In sports of high intensity, resistance and long duration or in intermittent sports such as team sports, where the physical demand is high, it is essential to drink a sports drink, mainly in the form of an isotonic drink, to hydrate. Hydration with this sports drink will allow you to provide energy in the form of carbohydrates and, most importantly, replace the minerals lost with sweat, mainly sodium.

Gels, Bars and Recovery Shakes

Sports gels and bars that provide the necessary energy in the form of carbohydrates during competition are easily digestible. These are what the body needs during high-speed, long-duration, high-intensity sports, such as marathons, cycling, triathlons, etc.

It’s always recommended to try these nutritional strategies before training. In addition, some foods can complement the intake of gels or sports bars. Fresh and dried fruit also provide simple carbohydrates that provide us with instant energy and are also easily digestible foods such as bananas, apples, figs, or raisins. At the end of these demanding competitions, a recovery shake that provides carbohydrates, proteins and mineral salts will be a way to provide the body with what it needs to start recovery and muscle regeneration. But this is not the only way since this recuperator could be made at home with foods that provide carbohydrates, protein and sodium.

Supplements for Strength Sports

In strength sports, some supplements can be useful but are not essential. It’s whey or whey protein. It is the star supplement in all gyms, many of the people take it during or at the end of their training believing that this way they will increase their muscle mass, but like any supplement, you have to know why and what it is being taken for and what the diet is like.

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