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Sports News Headlines, Weekly Overview: The World is Preparing for the World Cup

Sports News Headlines, Weekly Overview: The World is Preparing for the World Cup

George Russell wins his first Formula 1 Grand Prix Race, while the football world is preparing for the World Cup 2022.


European teams played their last matches before the World Cup 2022.

Premier League:

Serie A:

La Liga:


Ligue 1:

From news:
Cristiano Ronaldo in the interview with Piers Morgan: “Manchester United have betrayed me. I’ve been made black sheep. I don’t respect Erik ten Hag.”

As a response, United shared an official statement: “Manchester United notes the media coverage regarding an interview by Cristiano Ronaldo. The club will consider its response after the full facts have been established.”

Paul Pogba about the upcoming World Cup: “God had another plan for me. I will be supporting my team, my nation, my country from far away but my heart is with them! Best of luck to all the selected players.”

And, before the World Cup, one legend praises another legend: Kaká: “The best player I have ever played with? That’s Ronaldo. I have seen Il Fenomeno do things that nobody else has ever done.”

Formula 1

Last week, the Formula 1 2022 penultimate race took place in Brazil. Mercedes took the first 2 positions.

George Russell won Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix Race! It’s the first ever Formula 1 victory for him.

“To my family, my friends, my teammates and everyone who has been on this journey, thank you. I can’t put into words how much your support means to me and how much of a joint effort it has been. This win is as much yours as it is mine. We did it together. I’m so proud of you all.”

Congratulations George!


The World Cup 2022 is starting this week. Everyone is excited, participating teams, the fans around the world, and not only.

Besides, the week was full of shocking news. And, it seems Ronaldo will play in another club next year.

What do you think, where will Cristiano Ronaldo continue his career? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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