Introducing SVIP

A high stakes fantasy sports finance management service.



Completely Free

SportsVault is completely free. There aren’t any account, league registration, payment, or withdrawal fees.




Running a 20 team league? Done. Have a 12 team payout structure? No problem. We are improving customization for unique settings/payouts and keeper/dynasty formats.

Guaranteed Payouts

Starting with MLB 2015, league payouts are guaranteed by specific dates set before the fantasy season starts. If we miss the date, you get an extra 10% of your payout amount.

Dead Simple Deposits

Easily share your SV page with league members + Simple payment process = Commissioner’s Dream.


Always Secure

Our system uses 256-bit AES encryption and we do not store any credit card or bank information on our servers. The safety of your money and personal information is our top priority.

Quick Withdrawals

Commissioner inputs payouts at the end of the season and winners receive their $ once the league confirms payouts are correct. Get your winnings via E-Check/ACH, paper check, Dwolla or Paypal.

SportsVault simplifies collecting, storing and paying out fees/winnings for all sports leagues. We specialize in fantasy sports entry fee collection and distribution.

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